Array element from lua

‘Jobs’ needs a string key to access it
and ‘grades’ needs a numerical index

Player .PlayerData .Jobs [job] .grades [grade] .name

TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', source, "SYSTEM", "warning", "Baan: "..Player.PlayerData.job.label .. ' - ' ..Player.PlayerData.Jobs[job].grades[grade].name)

I’m assuming that somehow within your game engine, these values get parsed into PlayerData. That’ll depend on the functions contained within fivem, and that you’ve used them properly. Otherwise, to access the raw table data, it’s more like this:

print( QBShared.Jobs['police'].label )


print( QBShared.Jobs['police'].grades[0].name )

Politie – Student

print( QBShared.Jobs['police'].grades[0].payment )


if the game rearranges those during import into PlayerData, it might be


but it’s very likely it remains in the original syntax illustrated above.

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