TextField with CoreData

You need to use ObservedObject over CoreData object and for this it is better to created separated sub-view for row, like

ForEach(items) { item in
    ItemView(item: item)

and ItemView

struct ItemView: View {
   @ObservedObject var item: Item

   var body: some View {
      // now binding over item title is provided by ObservedObject wrapper
      TextField("Type Response Here", text: $item.title)

Update: handling of optional properties might differ depending on which behavior is expected. Here is possible variant:

   var body: some View {
      let text = Binding(
         get: { item.title ?? "" },
         set: { item.title = $0 }
      TextField("Type Response Here", text: text)

Note: entering text into field does not save CoreData object, so you need to think where to save it, possible variant is in .onCommit for TextField.

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