MS Access

Microsoft Access is a database creation and management application that is part of the Microsoft Office software suite. It allows users to store data in tables, queries, and reports, and to create forms and macros to facilitate data entry. Access can also be used to connect to and query data from external data sources, such as SQL Server and Oracle databases.CLICK HERE To solve more code-related solutions you face every day.

Have a try on below query INSERT INTO tbl_Login (workDayId, fName, lName, roleId, teamId,emailAdd) SELECT ‘100001’, ‘Richard’, ‘Baluyut’, tbl_RoleDesc.ID, tbl_TeamDesc.ID, ‘[email protected]’ FROM tbl_RoleDesc, tbl_TeamDesc WHERE (((tbl_RoleDesc.Role)=’EUC’) AND ((tbl_TeamDesc.TeamName)=’Test’)); CLICK HERE …

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You could alias Ledger in the query: SELECT L.ID, L.[Transaction Type], .. , [L].[Received]-[L].[Paid] AS [Money] FROM Ledger AS L LEFT JOIN DailySheetQuery ON L.Customer = DailySheetQuery.ID WHERE (((L.[Invoice Date])=Date()) …

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