Connect browser to NodeJS IPFS node

Due to browser’s security policies you cannot establish unencrypted connection from secure context (e.g. page loaded via HTTPS). You can read about it at MDN Secure Context. So you should make your server to use SSL and then replace ws:// with wss://. The simplest thing to do would be to setup SSL with nginx. You’ll need to setup a domain name for the cert too. You can also look on some documentation on how to setup libp2p/IPFS with SSL on this PR.

You can also use webrtc-star instead of websockets. However, while you can use both, each one of them have particularities that are better for certain scenarios. If you need peer discovery, webrtc-star should be used at the moment and you can check and . If you do not need to rely on peer discovery and the other peer is a well known peer you can use bootstrap and connect via websockets.

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