Delete from mongoDB by id

Your problem is findByIdAndRemove() looks for the _id and you want to use other value to execute the query. So you can use findOneAndDelete() function from Mongoose.

There are also more functios to do the job as deleteOne or findAndDelete. But if you want to delete by id I recommend use findOneAndDelete because return the deleted document.

Then you have to pass the id to query like this:

var deleted = await model.findAndDelete({id: "myID"})

Note that id is not the same as _id.

And that’s all…

From documentation, to know how functions works:


Deletes a single document based on the filter and sort criteria, returning the deleted document.


Removes a single document from a collection.

And also, if you are using mongoose and you want delete by _id you can use findByIdAndDelete() function instead of findByIdAndRemove().

According to documentation

This function differs slightly from Model.findOneAndRemove() in that findOneAndRemove() becomes a MongoDB findAndModify() command, as opposed to a findOneAndDelete() command. For most mongoose use cases, this distinction is purely pedantic. You should use findOneAndDelete() unless you have a good reason not to.

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