Fetch documents using createdAt mongodb

Edit: I have seen the problem is estimatedDocumentCount() function.

As the documentation explain it will ‘Returns the count of all documents in a collection or view’.

I think you expect the count from the query, not from the collection.

So, insted of estimatedDocumentCount() you have to use countDocuments(). By the way, if you check todayAdded.length it should be equal 0.

Try this query:

var result = await model.find({ 
  "owner": "...",
  "createdAt": { 
    "$gte": new Date(2016, 11, 16), 
    "$lt": new Date(2016, 12, 01) 
}).countDocuments(function(err, count) {
      console.log("Number of docs: ", count);

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