NodeJS http redirect request

To send a redirect response with the plain http module, you just need to manufacture the right type of redirect response and send that as the response. A redirect response has a 3xx status code and sets the location header and would generally not include a body.

res.setHeader('location', '');
res.statusCode = 302;

Keep in mind that a redirect response is just an instruction/suggestion to the client that they should go somewhere else to get the content they requested. It’s up to the client whether it actually follows the redirect or not. A browser will automatically follow redirects in many circumstances. But, an Ajax call using XMLHttpRequest from browser-based Javascript will not automatically follow a redirect. Instead, the script receiving the response would have to examine the status code of 3xx, read the location header and issue a new request to the new http url. Other http client libraries may have features you can enable to automatically follow redirects.

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