animate the constraint-supported view in nsview on macos objective-c

Here is an idea … it works. Initially I was going to do it your way but, you may not like this, ended up animated two constraints. But it works nicely.

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The idea is very similar to yours but the difference here is that I create a leading and a trailing constraint and animate that in stead.

@implementation ViewController

- ( void ) viewDidLoad
    [self animateLine:self.longButton];

// Animate the line
- ( void ) animateLine:( NSButton * ) button
    [NSAnimationContext runAnimationGroup: ^ ( NSAnimationContext * context ) {

        context.duration = 1;
        context.allowsImplicitAnimation = YES;
        self.leadingConstraint.animator.constant = button.frame.origin.x;
        self.trailingConstraint.animator.constant = self.stackView.bounds.size.width - button.frame.origin.x - button.frame.size.width;
        NSLog ( @"Setting leading to %f trailing to %f", self.leadingConstraint.constant, self.trailingConstraint.constant );



- ( IBAction ) buttonAction:( id ) sender
    [self animateLine:sender];

This is it. The rest happens in storyboard. I set the constraints up so that the distances make sense by swapping the first and second item to taste.

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