the process function in authenticationmiddlewarephp takes sometimes too long

I posted this case also under CakePHP Github Issues. The CakePHP member othercorey gave me the advice to check Authentication\Authenticator\SessionAuthenticator and here I found the reason:

in vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Http/Session.php
–> In the function start()
–> The call if (!session_start()) {

The full code:

    if (!session_start()) {
        throw new RuntimeException('Could not start the session');

Then the solution was quite simple. I am using SSE and this was the reason for these unpredictable delays. After calling session_write_close() in the SSE function the page loads <2 seconds.

When I got some time I will check if sessions stored in the database may be another solution.

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