why is arraymergerecursive not returning the output php?

It’s not working because that’s not how the function works. You need to write a custom function to achieve desired result.

function merge_result($data) 
   $result = [];
   $index = 0;
   $keys = [];
   foreach($data as $row) 
       if(array_key_exists($row['id'], $keys)){
           $_index = $keys[$row['id']];
           $result[$_index]['stop'] = array_merge($result[$_index]['stop'], $row['stop']);
       }else {
           $keys[$row['id']] = $index; 
           $result[$index] = $row; 

  return $result;

$routes = merge_result(json_decode($data, true));

PS: Am unable to test because am on mobile phone.

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