how can i use the linux ddd command on wsl2 to burn a bootable usb?


# I ran this command to get the DeviceID of my USB Thumbdrive (Mine came out to be
# \.\\PHYSICALDRIVE 5, but yours may vary)
Get-WmiObject Win32_diskdrive | Select Caption,DeviceID,InterfaceType,Size | Where-Object {$_.InterfaceType -eq "USB"}

Ubuntu 20.04 Terminal:

# After I got the physical drive number from powershell (as I would do using lsblk in Linux) I
# formatted the drive using mkfs to ensure it would work before trying to use dd.
sudo mkfs.vfat -I \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE5

# After a successful format, I was able to run dd as normal
sudo dd if=path/to/my/file.iso of=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE5 status=progress

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