Spent some time looking at Helm templates and other configuration to understand what was missing and able to make it work with below configuration for Grafana in custom-values.yaml created from the operator.

Pay special attention to the indentation since that has caused some issues when I was trying to copy n paste from Grafana chart’s values.yaml.

  enabled: true
  namespaceOverride: ""
    pspUseAppArmor: false
    # To troubleshoot and get more log info enable ldap debug logging in grafana.ini
      mode: console
      #level: debug
      # to enable debug level for ldap calls only
      #filters: ldap:debug
      domain: sbgrafana.mysite.com
      #root_url: "%(protocol)s://%(domain)s/"
      root_url: https://sbgrafana.mysite.com/grafana/
      serve_from_sub_path: true
      enabled: true
      allow_sign_up: true
      config_file: /etc/grafana/ldap.toml

    enabled: true
    # `existingSecret` is a reference to an existing secret containing the ldap configuration
    # for Grafana in a key `ldap-toml`.
    existingSecret: ""
    # `config` is the content of `ldap.toml` that will be stored in the created secret
    config: |-
      verbose_logging = true

      host = "my.ldap.com"
      # Default port is 389 or 636 if use_ssl = true
      # port = 389
      # use_ssl = false
      port = 636
      use_ssl = true
      # CA cert is mapped as certs-configmap in extraConfigmapMounts section below -- path in Grafana container
      root_ca_cert = "/etc/grafana/ssl/CACert.pem"
      start_tls = false
      ssl_skip_verify = false
      bind_dn = "uid=%s,ou=users,dc=myorg,dc=com"
      bind_password = "${LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD}"
      search_filter = "(uid=%s)"
      group_search_filter = "(&(objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames) 
      group_search_base_dns = ["uid=%s,ou=users,dc=myorg,dc=com"]
      group_search_filter_user_attribute = "uid"
      name = "givenName"
      surname = "sn"
      username = "cn"
      email = "mail"

      group_dn = "cn=admins,dc=grafana,dc=org"
      org_role = "Admin"

      group_dn = "cn=users,dc=grafana,dc=org"
      org_role = "Editor"

      group_dn = "*"
      org_role = "Viewer"

    - name: certs-configmap
      mountPath: /etc/grafana/ssl/
      configMap: certs-configmap
      readOnly: true

Steps for creating configmap referenced above for LDAP SSL/HTTPS communication. At least I couldn’t find clear information, so adding here for others.

kubectl -n monitoring create configmap certs-configmap --from-file=my-ca-cert.pem

Create a custom secret in the monitoring namespace with key as LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD and LDAP bind password as the value. Now we no longer need to have it in plain text in the custom values.yaml file.

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