add a password in xlsx using a secure spreadsheet

Digging into library and documentation I found an answer.

Protect an existing XLSX

cat input.xlsx | secure-spreadsheet --password secret --input-format xlsx > output.xlsx

What’s wrong with the code you provided, it is doesn’t take into consideration input-format option and File.write(test) actually writing instance of Axlsx::Package to a file, that’s not what you want. You want serialized contents of that Axlsx::Package.

Here is solution

excel_filename = 'simple.xlsx'
test = do |p|
  p.workbook.add_worksheet(:name => "Pie Chart") do |sheet|
    sheet.add_row ["Simple Pie Chart"]
    %w(first second third).each { |label| sheet.add_row [label, rand(24)+1] }
    sheet.add_chart(Axlsx::Pie3DChart, :start_at => [0,5], :end_at => [10, 20], :title => "example 3: Pie Chart") do |chart|
      chart.add_series :data => sheet["B2:B4"], :labels => sheet["A2:A4"],  :colors => ['FF0000', '00FF00', '0000FF']


secured = IO.popen("secure-spreadsheet --password secret --input-format xlsx", "r+") do |io|

my_new_secured_file ='secured_sheet.xlsx', 'w') { |f| f.write(secured) }

secured contains your unsecured contains of file(simple.xlsx) and some metadata to tell excel that this new file (my_new_secured_file variable) is actually encrypted and need passphrase in order to open it

so you need to store encrypted data in secured variable (cause it is actually being called and modified by your internal shell) and then write it to a new file which will be secured xlsx spreadsheet

try to open in your terminal

open secured_sheet.xlsx

and you will be prompted to write a password secret

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