Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Streaming Stuck Side Input

Here you have a working example:

mytopic = ""
sql = "SELECT station_id, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() timestamp FROM `bigquery-public-data.austin_bikeshare.bikeshare_stations` LIMIT 10"

def to_bqrequest(e, sql):
    from apache_beam.io import ReadFromBigQueryRequest
    yield ReadFromBigQueryRequest(query=sql)

def merge(e, side):
    for i in side:
        yield f"Main {e.decode('utf-8')} Side {i}"

pubsub = p | "Read PubSub topic" >> ReadFromPubSub(topic=mytopic)

side_pcol = (p | PeriodicImpulse(fire_interval=300, apply_windowing=False)
               | "ApplyGlobalWindow" >> WindowInto(window.GlobalWindows(),
               | "To BQ Request" >> ParDo(to_bqrequest, sql=sql)
               | ReadAllFromBigQuery()

final = (pubsub | "Merge" >> ParDo(merge, side=beam.pvalue.AsList(side_pcol))
                | Map(logging.info)

Note this uses a GlobalWindow (so that both inputs have the same window). I used a processing time trigger so that the pane contains multiple rows. 5 was chosen arbitrarily, using 1 would work too.

Please note matching the data between side and main inputs is non deterministic, and you may see fluctuating values from older fired panes.

In theory, using FixedWindows should fix this, but I cannot get the FixedWindows to work.

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