Can multi-queue be used with DPDK vdev rx_pcap

The number of queues available on a port depends upon the NIC configuration and driver from OS. Hence expecting a PCAP PMD emulating RXPCAP file as RX device will have multiple RX queue is not right. You would need to start using the actual interface from OS which has multiple queues.

Explanation below:

As per the DPDK NIC Feature there is no support for RSS on PCAP PMD. So the option of receiving packets based on 3 IP Tuple or 5 IP+TCP|UDP|SCTP Tuple on multiple queues is not present natively and needs to be implemented in SW.

A per the PCAP PMD if one needs to read from the physical port we have use option rx_iface and not rx_pcap. Similarly to send on Physical interface one has to use option tx_iface and not tx_pcap.

If your requirement was to capture the RX or TX packet from specific DPDK port, you should look DPDK PDUMP application which uses rte_pdump API. The PDUMP Documentation explains clearly how to grab packets from specific queues too.

If one needs to read packets using PCAP PMD, use rx_iface in primary application. Then to write packets from desired port-queue into a PCAP file use dpdk-pdump as secondary application with option --pdump 'port=[your desired DPDK port],queue=[your desired DPDK port queue],rx-dev=/tmp/rx.pcap.

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