Convert Swift graphics code to UIKit in Xamarin iOS C#

There were no relevant replies, so to the best of my abilities I’ve put together a version that works:

public UIImage cropToCircle(UIImage inimg) {
     if(null == inimg) return null;

     // step 1. crop to a square:
     var length = Math.Min(inimg.Size.Width, inimg.Size.Height); 
     var x = inimg.Size.Width/2 - length/2;
     var y = inimg.Size.Height/2 - length/2;
     var cropRect = new CGRect(x, y, length, length);

     UIGraphics.BeginImageContextWithOptions(cropRect.Size, false, 0);
     var context = UIGraphics.GetCurrentContext();

     context.TranslateCTM(0.0f, (float)length);
     context.ScaleCTM(1.0f, -1.0f);
     context.DrawImage(new RectangleF(0, 0,
            (float)length, (float)length), inimg.CGImage);

     var croppedImage = UIGraphics.GetImageFromCurrentImageContext();

     // step 2. crop to a circle 
     UIImageView imageView = new UIImageView(croppedImage);
     var layer = imageView.Layer;
     layer.MasksToBounds = true;
     layer.CornerRadius = 
          (nfloat)(Math.Min(imageView.Frame.Height, imageView.Frame.Width)) / 2;
     var circleImg = UIGraphics.GetImageFromCurrentImageContext();

     return circleImg;

(The reason I’ve used a layer for circular cropping is I don’t know how to attach UIBezierPath to the context).

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