Descending Quicksort in Solidity

It was easier than I thought. Had to change only the comparing relating to pivot:

function quickSort(uint[] memory arr, int left, int right) internal pure {
    int i = left;
    int j = right;
    if (i == j) return;
    uint pivot = arr[uint(left + (right - left) / 2)];
    while (i <= j) {
        while (arr[uint(i)] > pivot) i++;
        while (pivot > arr[uint(j)]) j--;
        if (i <= j) {
            (arr[uint(i)], arr[uint(j)]) = (arr[uint(j)], arr[uint(i)]);
    if (left < j)
        quickSort(arr, left, j);
    if (i < right)
        quickSort(arr, i, right);

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