DocuSign API Payments – Pass Invoice Number to Authorize.Net

Currently there is no way to write directly to the Invoice# field in I have written an enhancement request. You can track it as “PYMT-3821 Enhancement- Payments need way to write invoice number in”

A possible workaround: You can write the Invoice# into the description field, using customMetaData and customMetadataRequired as follows.


"paymentDetails": {
    "allowedPaymentMethods": [
    "currencyCode": "USD",
    "customMetadata": "Invoice# 12345",
    "customMetadataRequired": true,
    "gatewayAccountId": "11d6dc32-73e3-xxxxxxxxxx",
    "gatewayDisplayName": "Authorize.Net",
    "gatewayName": "AuthorizeDotNet",
    "lineItems": [
            "amountReference": "NumberTab_1",
            "description": "description",
            "name": "Harmonica"
    "status": "new"

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