Google App Script User Scope Approval for new scope

So after a lot of hair pulling and digging, I believe I found the answer and it comes from a UI/UX issue with Google Marketplace SDK. When a new scope is added to already published Marketplace Addon on the Marketplace SDK App Configuration needs to be updated. I knew this and took care of it on 2/6 at about 2pm EST and hit save. Great, process done…. not so fast.

Errors continued in the logs through mid-day on 2/7 then stopped, but unfortunately so did new downloads volume from Marketplace, which is the trigger for the transaction. So I had no live transactions to monitor. Until 2/9, a new transaction posted and it was suddenly successful.

Because of the gap between working in the editor and not working in the deployment, my hypothesis is that there is an opaque, offline background process for Google Marketplace SDK to approve the new scopes for a published addon.

(MMQB: I probably could have been more thorough in my testing by uninstalling and reinstalling the app from test account to expose this gap, lesson learned)

Google’s OAuth scope approval process is transparent as to when the new scope is pending or approved. Google Marketplace’s is not. I never received any notification that an approval was pending or had been approved/rejected.

NB: Marketplace SDK approval is in addition to the OAuth scope approval and can’t take place until the OAuth approval is complete.

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