gsutil cp succeeds but upload_from_filename() method from storage client fails

I’ve gotten to the bottom of this problem. It was twofold.

  1. I discovered that the code would succeed if the storage object destination_blob_name did not already exist. If the object did exist then the error explained above would occur.
  2. Permission for $ACCOUNT to access the bucket was provided by a custom role that was applied to the bucket. When I added permission storage.objects.get & storage.objects.delete to that custom role then my code succeeded, even if the object already existed.

I’ve discovered that storage.objects.get & storage.objects.delete are described as

  • Read object data and metadata, excluding ACLs
  • Delete objects

The learning I’ve taken away from this is that under certain circumstances (e.g. when the destination object already exists) then gsutil cp requires different permissions to If anyone out there can elucidate the difference between those two operations then I’d love to understand it better.

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