how can you get the changed file list for a commit with jgit?

With two refs pointing at the two commits it should suffice to do the following to iterate all changes between the commits:

        ObjectId oldHead = repository.resolve("HEAD^^^^{tree}");
        ObjectId head = repository.resolve("HEAD^{tree}");

        // prepare the two iterators to compute the diff between
        try (ObjectReader reader = repository.newObjectReader()) {
            CanonicalTreeParser oldTreeIter = new CanonicalTreeParser();
            oldTreeIter.reset(reader, oldHead);
            CanonicalTreeParser newTreeIter = new CanonicalTreeParser();
            newTreeIter.reset(reader, head);

            // finally get the list of changed files
            try (Git git = new Git(repository)) {
                List<DiffEntry> diffs= git.diff()
                for (DiffEntry entry : diffs) {
                    System.out.println("Entry: " + entry);

There is a ready-to-run example snippet contained in the jgit-cookbook

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