how do i forcibly trigger the alarm automatically?

The alarm actions are AFAIU just HTTP POSTs to the URLs listed in ‘alarm_actions’, so you can do it yourself (provided you have access to that URL).

In your particular case it is clearly a Heat stack scaling action. You should be able to make a HTTP POST to appropriately similar URL – replace trust+https://<host>:<port> part with public Heat endpoint (openstack catalog show orchestration) and add a valid Keystone token to the request header.

Alternatively, for Heat stack scaling you can use use the openstack stack resource signal command (that does effectively the same REST call, just helps you with auth and endpoint discovery) – the stack ID and the resource name are visible in the URL, so in your case it will be openstack stack resource signal d9915fd3-5086-4d38-971b-2694c41e8099 rdgw_scaleup_policy

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