how do you disable fishshell’s guessing autocompletion feature?

and can change what you typed completely, possible changing your ls /etc/abc to ls /etc/fstab,

Fish won’t change /etc/abc to /etc/fstab

What it will do is fuzzy-match your command, so e.g. /etc/ft will match /etc/fstab, but that’s only because both “f” and “t” are in “fstab” in that order, and only if it was the only possible match.

This won’t happen with /etc/abc, because that doesn’t match /etc/fstab.

because at some point in the past, you may have typed ls /etc/fstab.

It does not take history into account in this case. It really only uses history for the autosuggestion – the greyed-out continuation of what you typed, but that only does prefix matching.

Is there a way to have fish turns this off, so it never replaces what I wrote?

Fish provides no option to change this behavior.

The next fish release (version 3.2) will offer an “undo” function (bound to ctrl+z by default) so you can undo any match by pressing that.

is it just a nameless part of the autocompletion of fish?

fuzzy matching.

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