How to add conferenceDataVersion to Event using C# using parameters or other way

You don’t need to use the Parameters property in order to set ConferenceDataVersion.

  • If you just want to add a conference to the Event, you can set the ConferenceDataVersion as a parameter of your request before executing it.
  • You also have to make sure that the request body has the appropriate conference data properties (requestId, conferenceSolutionKey, etc.).

For example:

Event newEvent = new Event()
    ConferenceData = new ConferenceData()
        CreateRequest = new CreateConferenceRequest()
            ConferenceSolutionKey = new ConferenceSolutionKey()
                Type = "hangoutsMeet" // Change according to your preferences
            RequestId = "XXXXX" // Unique request ID
    // ... Rest of event properties (start, end, attendees, name, etc.)
EventsResource.InsertRequest request = service.Events.Insert(newEvent, calendarId);
request.ConferenceDataVersion = 1; // Set conference data version
Event createdEvent = request.Execute();

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