How to limit (Flutter) string min/max length with security rules in Firebase

You must be checking which contains incoming data and not which holds existing data from the document. Also try using size() instead of .length to check string length:

rules_version = '2';
service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /users/{uid} {
      allow read, write, update: if request.auth != null
        && request.auth.uid == userId
        && >= 3
        && <= 30
        && is string;

For example, if current value of username is ‘Jim’ in the document and you are trying to update it to ‘James’, value of would be 3 (length of existing name) and would be 5 (length of new name). It’s length of the new name that you are supposed to measure so you need to use request.resource.

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