i could not install pandas in macos catalina due to an error most likely due to using a buggy accelerate backend

I’ve been facing the same issue. There quite a bit of info here: https://github.com/numpy/numpy/issues/15947

As I understand, its because your python version is detecting issues with the ‘buggy Accelerate backend’ in NumPy (NumPy is installed with Pandas).

I was running Python 3.9.0 and I was not able to fix. However I have been able to bypass the issue by using version Python 3.8.6. I used this guide to install 3.8.6 https://opensource.com/article/19/5/python-3-default-mac

See the part about

pyenv install

which I modified to:

pyenv install 3.8.6

After I restart, the debug in visual code now shows 3.8.6. I added all required modules again inluding NumPy and its working for me.

good luck

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