InfluxDB – 2.0 – stand alone DB

  1. Yes, I believe the intention is to bundle the UI into the single binary so that it is always available with no additional installs. You can continue to use Grafana though – ignoring the bundled UI entirely*. There’s no problem to ignore it so the DB is still “standalone”. Since it is OSS, you could build a binary without the bundled UI if that is important for your use case.
  2. InfluxDB 2.0 OSS is currently in RC0 (as of late Oct 2020). This version supports both InfluxQL via a compatibility API (/query) and Flux via the new /api/v2/query API querying. The query and response formats are different. The docs have examples. In general, Flux is the direction InfluxDB is going.

*There may be some rough edges in the RC around configuring the first user without using the UI and only using the API. I have not tried this. I would expect the API to continue to improve is this area.

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