is it possible to configure serilog to truncate the log file for each new process?

This is not something Serilog can do for you as of this writing.

Serilog.Sinks.File is hard-coded to open the file with FileMode.Append thus if the file already exists, it will always append contents at the end of the file.

FileLifecycleHooks allows you to intercept when the file is being opened, and that would give you an opportunity to remove the contents of the file (by calling SetLength(0) on the stream), but unfortunately the stream implementation that Serilog.Sinks.File uses (WriteCountingStream) does not support SetLength.

Your best bet is to just truncate or delete the log file yourself at the start of the app, and let Serilog create a new one.


// Ensure that the log file is empty 
using (var fs = File.OpenWrite("mylog.log")) { fs.SetLength(0); }

// ... Configure Serilog pipeline

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