is socketio not updating in real time?

Use socket.broadcast / io.emit to send data to all connections

In your server-side code …

socket.on('new-ops', data => {
  const data2 = JSON.parse(data);
  socket.emit('new-remote-ops', JSON.stringify({
    age: data2.age + 10
  }), (err) => console.log(err));

… you receive and send data to the same socket. This will always be the same socket.

If you want to receive data from individual sockets but repond to all available connections you have to use broadcast (here) or io.emit (here)


// everyone gets it but the sender
socket.broadcast.emit("an event", { some: "data" });

// everyone gets it
io.emit("an event sent to all connected clients"); // main namespace Version 4.x

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