scale konva image from the center and hold position on redraw

Update the SET_STAGE_DATA function to look like this

    const isStage = state.stage;
    const isEditorMode = state.editorMode;
    if(isStage && !isEditorMode){
    const groups = state.stage.find("Group");
    const stageData = [];
    for (let x = 0; x < groups.length; x++) {
      let g = groups[x];
      let i = g.findOne("Image").getAttrs();
      let group = {x: g.getX() + i.x, y: g.getY() + i.y };
      let image = i;
      let obj = { image, group };
    state.stageData = stageData;
  } else {
    state.stageData = null;

group.x and y don’t update on scale but image.x and y do. On move image x and y are 0 and if you add them to the group.x and y it will put the anchors where you need them to be.

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