Some weights of Actor Critic model not updating

the bug is in act function

def act(self, some_input, state):
    # mu contains info required for gradient
    mu, var, state_value = self.model(some_input, state)
    # mu is detached and now has forgot all the operations performed
    # in self.action_head
    mu =
    sigma = torch.sqrt(var).data.cpu().numpy()
    action = np.random.normal(mu, sigma)
    action = np.clip(action, 0, 1)
    action = torch.from_numpy(action/1000)
    return action, state_value

for the further process, if loss is calculated using tensor operations performed on action, it can not be traced back to update self.action_head weights, as you detached the tensor mu which removes it from the computation graph and so you do not see any updates in self.action_head.

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