tell me the best way to write a title page for a latex application?

One possible approach using tikz:




\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
\fill[blue!20!white] (current page.south east) rectangle (current page.north west);
\draw[thick] ([xshift=1cm,yshift=1cm]current page.south west) rectangle ([xshift=-1cm,yshift=-1cm]current page.north east);
\node[anchor=east,font=\Huge\sffamily] at ([yshift=5cm,xshift=-2cm]current page.east) {Victor Hugo};
\node[anchor=west,font=\Huge\sffamily] at ([yshift=3cm,xshift=2cm]current page.west) {Les miserables};
\draw[thick] ([yshift=4cm,xshift=2cm]current page.west) -- ([yshift=4cm,xshift=-2cm]current page.east);
\node at ([yshift=2cm]current page.south) {some text};



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