the cnn program has been computing for too long and has not given output yet

The reason your model is taking so long to train is because:

  1. You are training a large model with many layers for 100 epochs
  2. You are using a relatively low performance computer (from what I found googling it only has a 2.5 GHZ processor.)

You can make it train faster by using an a free cloud environment that has GPUs and TPUs like Google Colab (, or even better a Kaggle notebook which allows you to train for longer periods of time. If you want to run it on your mac you could try making the model smaller or decreasing the number of epochs you are training for.

It should be easy to port your notebook to a Google Colab or Kaggle notebook. You will need to create a google account for Google Colab or a seperate account for Kaggle.

Hope this helped!

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