Using Beyond Compare with remote linux server — open changeset in single session

There are 3 ways to solve this:

  1. If the git repository is on your Windows machine, configure Beyond Compare as an external difftool, then run git difftool --dir-diff to launch a diff in the Folder Compare.

  2. If you can install Beyond Compare for Linux on the remote machine, another option is to configure Beyond Compare as the diff tool for git on that machine, use an X-Window client on your Windows machine to display BC for Linux remotely, then run git difftool --dir-diff.

  3. Export the revisions to be compared on the Linux machine to folders, then use Beyond Compare 4 Pro’s built-in SFTP support to load the two folders in the Folder Compare on your Windows machine. bcompare.exe sftp://[email protected]/1 sftp://[email protected]/2

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