Voluptuous : give error line in yaml file

With the help of flyx I found ruamel.yaml which provide the line and col of a parsed YAML file. So one can manage to get the wanted error with:

from voluptuous import Schema 
from ruamel.yaml import load, RoundTripLoader
from io import StringIO

Validate = Schema({
    'name': {
        'firstname': str,
        'lastname': str
    'age': int,

data = """
    firstname: John
    lastname: 12.0
age: 42

class Validate:
    def __init__(self, stream):
        self._yaml = load(stream, Loader=RoundTripLoader)
        return self.validate()

    def validate(self):
            self.data = Criteria(self._yaml)
        except Invalid as e:
            node = self._yaml
            for key in e.path:
                if (hasattr(node[key], '_yaml_line_col')):
                    node = node[key]
            path = '/'.join(e.path)
            print(f"Error: validation failed on line {node._yaml_line_col.line}:{node._yaml_line_col.col} (/{path}): {e.error_message}")
            return self.data
data = Validate(StringIO(data))

With this I get this error message:

Error: validation failed on line 2:4 (/name): extra keys not allowed

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