Why do we use ‘&’ character in Inno Setup?

It determines, what letter serves as an access key for the control (for controls that have labels on their own, like checkboxes, radio buttons or buttons) or for the control associated with a label using the TLabel.FocusControl property (for controls without their own labels, like edit boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, etc).

So in this case, if you press Alt+N, the focus moves to the “Name” box. While if you press Alt+C, the focus moves to the “Company” box.

enter image description here

Note that on the modern versions of Windows, the underline appears only once Windows determines, that you want to use the keyboard for navigating around the window. So for example after you press the Alt key.

If you want to change an access key of built-in Inno Setup controls, change their cation using the [Messages] section or in .isl files.

ButtonBack=< Bac&k

enter image description here

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