can i write a dns zone file with ttl using dnspython?

dnspython library, as of v2.1.0rc1 (the latest version as of November, 9, 2020), doesn’t support this type of a zone style per se. Going down your stack trace for the to_text() call:

  1. dns/ to_text()
  2. dns/ to_file()
  3. dns/ to_text()
  4. dns/ to_text()

— this is where the actual formatting is being done:

for rd in self:
    extra = ''
    if want_comments:
        if rd.rdcomment:
            extra = f' ;{rd.rdcomment}'
        s.write('%s%s%d %s %s %s%s\n' %
                (ntext, pad, self.ttl, dns.rdataclass.to_text(rdclass),
                 rd.to_text(origin=origin, relativize=relativize,

So, as you can see, self.ttl is included into the rdataset text output invariably.

What you can do though is iterate over the zone, creating a zone file of your preferred style yourself — or make changes directly to the to_text() output which is a standardized zone description and thus is stable enough to be processed automatically. Quick example of how that could look:

zone_lines = ['$TTL %s' % zone['@'].rdatasets[0].ttl]
for rdat in zone.to_text().decode('ascii').strip().split('\n'):
    rdat_params = rdat.split(' ')
    zone_lines.append(' '.join(rdat_params))

zone_text = '\n'.join(zone_lines)

You can also create a feature request for the dnspython project on Github. The author would then consider your feature request, they have been quite responsive recently.

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