Deep web data scraping with python in google colaboratory

The information that you want is being generated dynamically. So, you won’t get it with requests. I suggest you use selenium for that.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from selenium import webdriver
from import Options
import time

link = ''
options = Options()
driver = webdriver.Chrome('C:/Users/../Downloads/../chromedriver.exe', options=options)

soup = BeautifulSoup(driver.page_source, 'html.parser')
page_new = soup.find('div', class_='model-info clearfix')
results = page_new.find_all('p')
for result in results:


Marnee usually wears a size 8.
                She is wearing a size 10 in this style.
Her height is 178 cm.

Show Marnee’s body measurements

Marnee’s body measurements are:
Bust 81 cm
Waist 64 cm
Hips 89 cm

<div class="model-info-header">
                <strong><span class="model-info__name">Marnee</span></strong> usually wears a size <strong><span class="model-info__standard-size">8</span></strong>.
                She is wearing a size <strong><span class="model-info__wears-size">10</span></strong> in this style.
              <p class="model-info-header__height">Her height is <strong><span class="model-info__height">178 cm</span></strong>.</p>
                <span class="js-model-info-more model-info__link model-info-header__more">Show <span class="model-info__name">Marnee</span>’s body measurements</span>

With requests you will miss all the data in BOLD which is what you want.

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