Filtering Background Processes PyWin32

After doing some more research I ran into DWM, DWM offers a way you can look up attributes of windows to get more information out of them. One of these options is called cloak and does a great job at filtering out background processes from all windows. My code for this is below. I will also link the stackoverflow post that talks about DWMA in more detail.

def winEnumHandler(hwnd, ctx):
    # DWM
    isCloacked = ctypes.c_int(0)
    ctypes.WinDLL("dwmapi").DwmGetWindowAttribute(hwnd, 14, ctypes.byref(isCloacked), ctypes.sizeof(isCloacked))

    # Variables
    title = win32gui.GetWindowText(hwnd)

    # Append HWND to list
    if win32gui.IsWindowVisible(hwnd) and title != '' and isCloacked.value == 0:
        app = ApplicationWindow(hwnd, title)

DWM Filtering: Here

Following more from that link this final solution showed all the real windows:

class TITLEBARINFO(ctypes.Structure):
    _fields_ = [("cbSize", ctypes.wintypes.DWORD), ("rcTitleBar", ctypes.wintypes.RECT),
                ("rgstate", ctypes.wintypes.DWORD * 6)]

def winEnumHandler(hwnd, ctx):
    # Title Info Initialization
    title_info = TITLEBARINFO()
    title_info.cbSize = ctypes.sizeof(title_info)
    ctypes.windll.user32.GetTitleBarInfo(hwnd, ctypes.byref(title_info))

    # DWM Cloaked Check
    isCloaked = ctypes.c_int(0)
    ctypes.WinDLL("dwmapi").DwmGetWindowAttribute(hwnd, 14, ctypes.byref(isCloaked), ctypes.sizeof(isCloaked))

    # Variables
    title = wg.GetWindowText(hwnd)

    # Append HWND to list
    if wg.IsWindowVisible(hwnd) and title != '' and isCloaked.value == 0:
        if not (title_info.rgstate[0] & wc.STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE):
            app = ApplicationWindow(hwnd, title)

Any simplifications please let me know! Thanks!

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