get the name of the resource group from the resource object azure sdk python

Looking at the MSDN, I don’t believe there is a resource_group property.

What I usually do is create a method(similar to what you have done) to fetch the resource group from a resource ID:

def get_resource_group_from_id(resource_id):
    return resource_id.lstrip("/").split("/")[3]

Then I just use this method everywhere I need to get the resource group:

from azure.mgmt.compute import ComputeManagementClient
from azure.common.client_factory import get_client_from_cli_profile

compute_client = get_client_from_cli_profile(ComputeManagementClient)

for disk in compute_client.disks.list():
    resource_group = get_resource_group_from_id(

However, I’m not a fan of this since I’m used to just fetching this directly from the resource.

You could raise a Feature Request with azure-sdk-for-python to get this property included in the objects. Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI include this property, so I don’t see why Azure Python SDK shouldn’t include it.

Another option could be to include a resource_group tag, then you can fetch it directly from the resource.

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