how can i install and uninstall anaconda naviator?

Simple Answer : Anaconda is not installed proprly due to presence of already present application.

Detail Answer :I have found the solution to this. If your anaconda navigator application or other anaconda features has stoped working and you have already uninstalled it to fix it by reinstalling please don’t do that you will going to have a lot of difficulty in that, try to fix that only rather than uninstalling and again installing. But if you have already uninstalled it and want to install it again make sure that you manually delete condas aplication which you will find in c->Users->admin->appdata. try to delete all the anaconda aplication by searching it.And again install it. If finds errors after installing also, so you haven’t deleted (manually) properly. (there are pip files(aprox 700MB),conda files which you have to delete manually)

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