how can i print only rows that have a precise column number greater than x?

I think you had the right idea, but it looks like findall is for strings or regex, not an arbitrary boolean condition. Also, some of the syntax is a bit off, but that’s to be expected when you are just starting out.

Here is how I would approach this with just what I could find in your attached document. I doubt this is the fastest or cleanest way to do this, but I think it’s at least conceptually clear:

#list of all values in 4th/price column
#Remove nonnumeric characters from prices
prices=[p.replace('*','') for p in prices[1:]]

#Get indices of rows with price >=50
##i+2 to account for one indexing and removing header row
indices=[i+2 for i,p in enumerate(prices) if float(p)>=50]
#Print these rows
for i in indices:

Going forward with this project, you may want to put these row values into a dataframe rather than just printing them so you can do further analysis on this subset of the data.

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