how can you use two different font styles and font properties in the same table cell using python?

A _Cell object has a .text_frame property, like a “regular” geometric shape (auto-shape), and it works the same way, providing a reference to a TextFrame object.

You can access the paragraphs in the cell with cell.text_frame.paragraphs, call .add_paragraph() on the TextFrame object, and add runs with different character formatting to a paragraph.

It’s up to you whether you make these different paragraphs or different runs, but that’s the basic idea. Note that each cell in a freshly-created table contains a single paragraph containing no runs.

For example:

cell = table.cell(0, 0)
text_frame = cell.text_frame
paragraph = text_frame.paragraphs[0]

run = paragraph.add_run()
run.text = "r1"
run.bold = True

run_2 = paragraph.add_run()
run.text = "25"
run.italic = True

You don’t need to spell each step out on its own line; for example, you could do this to get the paragraph:

paragraph = table.cell(0, 0).text_frame.paragraphs[0]

I just spell out the steps here so you can more clearly see each one. You can compose them into lines as you see fit.

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