how do i download the entire embed content?

You’re just getting embeds. According to API References, you can’t get the whole embed content with one function like message.content. You have to get it part by part like Embed.title, Embed.description and Embed.fields.

Embed.fields Returns a list of EmbedProxy denoting the field contents. See add_field() for possible values you can access. If the attribute has no value then Empty is returned.

So that means, you can get embed title, description, and fields’ name and value. Here’s a simple example for this:

embed = discord.Embed(title='Example', description='Embed')
embed.add_field(name='field 1 name', value='field 1 value')
embed.add_field(name='field 2 name', value='field 2 value')
embed.title # returns 'Example'
embed.description # returns 'Embed'
embed.fields # returns a list of fields
embed.fields[0].name # returns 'field 1 name'
embed.fields[0].value # returns 'field 1 value'
embed.fields[1].name # returns 'field 2 name'
embed.fields[1].value # returns 'field 2 value'

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