how to build a static website with a constant url that displays dataframe as a table

The file “insurancedetails.html” is stored in an aws bucket with the which can be accessed via this link:

In AWS you can create a static website in bucket or you can just upload an html file and provide links. If you want a domain like (, then there’s a whole other path for that. But the question of creating an html page to show your data via dataframe can be done like I show later. In the end, you can use the data in any application that accepts an html table to create the desired web page design.

dfIns = pd.DataFrame(columns=['S.No', 'Name', 'Amount'])
s = [101,102,103]
n = ['aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc']
a = [12256, 8256, 24525]

dfIns['S.No'] = s
dfIns['Name'] = n
dfIns['Amount'] = a

#create table from dataframe; minimal formatting
table1_html = dfIns.to_html(index=False, border=2)
table1_html = table1_html.replace('<tr>', '<tr align="center">')

# beginning of html page
html_start = """<!DOCTYPE html>
                <html lang="en" dir="ltr">
                    <meta charset="utf-8">
                          table, th, td {
                              border: 1px solid black;
                              height: 22px;
                              padding: 3px;

                          table {
                              border-collapse: collapse;
                              height: 20px;

# closing html tags
html_end = """</body></html>"""

# put it all together
html_conc = html_start + """<caption><b>%s</b></caption>
                             """ % (table1_html) + html_end

#create the file
fn = "insurancedetails.html"
with open(fn, 'w+') as file:

  # Note, I uploaded the file to s3, from local directory, but you can just click in your working directory and see the file that way too.

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