how to trigger a azure function with parameters from a post request?

The data from the submitted form will be a Bytes object. You must convert it to a string and then parse the parameters. This sample code handles the submission of a basic contact info form.

import logging

import azure.functions as func

from urllib.parse import parse_qs

def main(req: func.HttpRequest) -> func.HttpResponse:
    # This function will parse the response of a form submitted using the POST method
    # The request body is a Bytes object
    # You must first decode the Bytes object to a string
    # Then you can parse the string using urllib parse_qs"Python HTTP trigger function processed a request.")
    req_body_bytes = req.get_body()"Request Bytes: {req_body_bytes}")
    req_body = req_body_bytes.decode("utf-8")"Request: {req_body}")

    first_name = parse_qs(req_body)["first_name"][0]
    last_name = parse_qs(req_body)["last_name"][0]
    email = parse_qs(req_body)["email"][0]
    cell_phone = parse_qs(req_body)["cell_phone"][0]

    return func.HttpResponse(
        f"You submitted this information: {first_name} {last_name} {email} 

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