Implementing Search Form with Django

I have noticed two particular problems in above screenshot. Firstly, my form does not render when inside my index.html webpage, which extends layout.html.

Yes. You aren’t passing form to index.html. Pass that in the view which renders the homepage. Even if it extends from layout.html, you need to pass it in the context for it to work.

def index(request):
    # Your code.
    return render(request, 'index.html', {'form': SearchSite()})

Secondly, when I click the submit button, I get routed to a webpage that has my CSRF token in the url … and then finally renders my form.

That’s because, in index.html, there is a blank form with a csrf_token, with an action set to /wiki, which calls search when the submit button is pressed. And search gives you layout.html, with the form, and as the form method is GET, it shows it in the url. I suggest changing it to POST if there is confidential data (and even otherwise. Why is there a csrf_token if it is not a POST request? Not needed. If you really want a GET request, then remove the csrf_token).

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