Is there a vectorized way to sample multiples times with np.random.choice() with differents p?

In stead of sampling with the given distribution p_T, we can sample uniformly between [0,1] and compare that to the cumulative distribution:

Let’s start with Y_T, say for p_T = p_batch_T[0]

cum_dist = p_batch_T.cumsum(axis=-1)

idx_T = (np.random.rand(len(C),1) < cum_dist[0]).argmax(-1)
Y_T = C[idx_T[...,None]]
_, f = stats.mode(Y_T) # here axis=0 is default

Now let take that to the variation_ratio_batch:

idx_T = (np.random.rand(len(p_batch_T), len(C),1) < cum_dist).argmax(-1)

Y = C[idx_T[...,None]]

f = stats.mode(Y, axis=1)   # notice axis 0 is batch

out = 1 - (f/T)

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