Missing 2 required positional arguments for flavors and scoops? [closed]

Down there the last line, main() has to have 2 arguments, change it to something like main('vanilla', 4)

edit: As pointed out in the comments, you should just delete it in the function, so that it looks like this

def main():
    flavors= " "
    scoops = " "
    holdings = " "

    flavors = input("Enter a flavor of ice cream: ")
    if flavors not in ['Vanilla', 'Chocolate', 'Strawberry', 'Mint', 'Pistachio', 'Spumoni']:
        raise FlavorError(flavors, "is not on the menu.")
    scoops = int(input("Enter the number of scoops: "))
    if scoops > 3:
        raise ScoopsError(scoops, 'We do not offer that many scoops!')

    holdings = input("Would you like a cone or bowl? ")
    print(scoops , "scoops of" , flavors , "in a" , holdings)

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