Mix tornado.gen.coroutine with async/await?

Yeah, they are almost the same. @gen.coroutine is from old days when Python didn’t have async/await keywords. So @gen.coroutine was used for turning regular functions (or generators) into asynchronous generators.

For newer python versions (3.5+), the async/await syntax should be preferred over @gen.coroutine.

Keep these things in mind while converting the functions:

  1. Don’t decorate async def functions with @gen.coroutine (like you’ve done in your second code example).
  2. Replace yield keyword with await keyword.
  3. yield None statement works but await None doesn’t.
  4. You can yield a list (such as yield [f1(), f2()]), but with await, use await gen.multi(f1(), f2()) or await asyncio.gather(f1(), f2()). (Thanks to Ben for mentioning this.)

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